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Monday, August 2, 2010

Oh. Asyik!


title pun dah tau sume berjalan lancar. Alhamdulillah. Harini ada potluck and shooting raya kat office. Shooting nyer sorang2 okay! ingatkan ramai2 skaligus berderet. Ngahaha. Ala2 model dah asenye.

Ooh, one more thing, last week, macam ase nak pitam bila akak editor tarik tangan:
"nomi, leh tolong akak tak?"
"err, boleh, ape yer?"
"um, jadi model untuk cover novel!"
"HAHAHA, macam x sesuai je akak"
"alaa, x pe la, cube je, sepatotnya kak zura, tapi dia x datang"

"okaylah. cube je tau..."

*salah satu gambar. macam kelakar sangat. Kahkah*

okay, enough! haha. Lusa pegi shooting rumah chef bagi menyiapkan buku resipi Kompilasi Kerabu bersama ketua photographer. Ketua photographer ok! Haritu ikut akak editor pegi ngan photographer Karangkraf je kot. oh, nervous nervous... tapi chill sudah :))

p/s: semoga rakan-rakan yang akan ke Birm n Turkey berjaya menimba pengalamanlberharga tanpa ada sedikit penyesalan cos it always happened when "LARGE comes with a package, instead of LARGE comes with the efforts" InsyaAllah...

salam. Selamat menghadapi bulan Ramadhan yang bakal menjelang. Halalkan apa yang terlebih, maafkan apa yang terkurang.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Salam.. Longg time no see :D

Mode: Alhamdulillah. Hanya Pada Allah Segalanya Dipohon..


Im okay. Interning at Alaf 21, Karangkraf. Im happy and ecxited to be here. For now, nobody can fly to oversea for the internship. Yeah, even im listed to be 'there', management system so suck.. Forget about that, cos im happy and thankful to be here rather than 'waiting' to be there. After "did it" here, almost half of our internship period, at this company, i can breath smoothly without any doubts and worries.. Plus, it such a "every clouds have a silver lining"...

Now, assigning as a COOKING BOOKS editor, i need to do all tasks such a real editor there, dealing with the Chefs or authors, gathering the menus and recipes, dealing with the photographers and designers and many more, and im not sure i can tell u all about that here...

Working for "Kompilasi Kerabu" and "Kompilasi Sambal". I can't wait to see my own name states at the front cover of these books. And many other next books. insyaAllah.

Grab them when there are ready to be place in the market shelves okay! "Tarikh mati" aku adalah bulan 8 dalam "Alaf 21 September Target"... Meaning, these all books will spread their wings before Hari Raya. See u then and TAKE CARE... :)

u can see here, how the dishes looks alike behind the scene. (Kak Pah's/athour's house)

Oh yeah, im using Mac here. Thanks. haha!

Salam Nisfu Syaaban...

Sunday, February 21, 2010



Status: bermain di kaki pelangi
Misi: meluncur di jalur pelangi
Statement: the nature of dream

Alhamdulillah... usaha berbayar dengan hebatnye... Alhamdulillah Allah Maha Adil.

People, stop munching your tongue (anonymous stalker yang menyombong only)
Allah bersama-sama mereka yang merendah diri.

Allah membenci mereka yang RIAK TAKBUR. Tapi Allah suka mereka yang berbangga dan bersyukur dalam hati atas segala usaha kerasnya sendiri dengan meminta-minta bantuan dariNYA.. Renungkan.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Pejam Celik, Tinggal 1 Lagi (~_^)


Tinggal 1 sem lagi study... 1 sem lagi practical (Academic Writing) Cant wait:

Project based attachment (final year project: foreign universities, research centers & design house):

  • A one semester requirement.
  • Students conduct proposals and preliminary studies for one semester at UiTM.
  • Selected students are based on merits and significance of project.
  • Grading are done based on reports by foreign supervisor and final report on the project.
  • Academic credits are awarded to students and is compulsory.
  • Placement is done on Faculty’s approval.


let it remains secret; my dream and pursuing for it...

Kak Long, where are you. Hit me back! Take Care ;)

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