Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Salam.. Longg time no see :D

Mode: Alhamdulillah. Hanya Pada Allah Segalanya Dipohon..


Im okay. Interning at Alaf 21, Karangkraf. Im happy and ecxited to be here. For now, nobody can fly to oversea for the internship. Yeah, even im listed to be 'there', management system so suck.. Forget about that, cos im happy and thankful to be here rather than 'waiting' to be there. After "did it" here, almost half of our internship period, at this company, i can breath smoothly without any doubts and worries.. Plus, it such a "every clouds have a silver lining"...

Now, assigning as a COOKING BOOKS editor, i need to do all tasks such a real editor there, dealing with the Chefs or authors, gathering the menus and recipes, dealing with the photographers and designers and many more, and im not sure i can tell u all about that here...

Working for "Kompilasi Kerabu" and "Kompilasi Sambal". I can't wait to see my own name states at the front cover of these books. And many other next books. insyaAllah.

Grab them when there are ready to be place in the market shelves okay! "Tarikh mati" aku adalah bulan 8 dalam "Alaf 21 September Target"... Meaning, these all books will spread their wings before Hari Raya. See u then and TAKE CARE... :)

u can see here, how the dishes looks alike behind the scene. (Kak Pah's/athour's house)

Oh yeah, im using Mac here. Thanks. haha!

Salam Nisfu Syaaban...

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Terima Kasih Guruku :)


Have u ever watch LASKAR PELANGI? I didn't have any chances to watch it. But managed to purchased the novel. Very touching, creative, transparent, lovely and successfully directed. I'm so amazed and proud with the people who used to be a teacher. Thank you TEACHERS, THANK YOU LECTURERS...

I LOVE YOU All :))

This video is dedicated to all teachers all around the world. Have A Nice Day!

Saturday, April 10, 2010



Liverpool John Moores University, England.

Alhamdulillah. It sounds good. People keep saying the good news...

Thanks UiTM.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

When I am Trying to Write in English ;)


Love! she thought. Love was the emotionally expression of sensual, which were when, why, who will falling into it.

She uncapped her black ballpoint pen, her preferably pen when writing her notes or answering question papers in examination hall. Perhaps at sport center when sitting the Media Law, Ethics and Regulations last semester and she managed to get B+ surprisingly.

Okay, back to the story of love. She'd read enough about the critical story to know that some of the most cliched ways to write about love by saying "I Love You" and using images about the blooming of flowers, sunrises, red heart shape and everything that represent love. She also knew it was possible to make just about anything sound love and sexual. But she wanted to write about the love in a new and unexpected ways.

She stared at the laptop screen monitor and thinking.

Yes. this writing is an unexpected way!

Friday, February 26, 2010

Here and There ;)

shiema ali: gilerrrrrrrrrrr
nuurailmi: mung gilerrr :p
shiema ali: woi...mung xkuar ke?
nuurailmi: dok.. petang ni ada dinner publishing ler. meh la nk join. hahaha
shiema ali: ada makan sate x
nuurailmi: tade..haha. nk joint bayar la..
shiema ali: xmo ah...xde sate...huhu
nuurailmi: journ punye dinner bile? junior ni x organize dinner untuk senior ke?
nuurailmi: hahaha
shiema ali: mampos xtau...hahaha
nuurailmi: farewell kat cma la.. kitorg nk abes dh ni.. hehe
nuurailmi: ayu x sambung agi ke?
shiema ali: ayu gilo carik duit!!!!!!!!!!!!
nuurailmi: nak kawen ke?
shiema ali: ntah lerrr...
nuurailmi: ;)
shiema ali: lu bila nk kawen...boifren lu nama apa ha...wa lupa rrr
nuurailmi: wa plan nk kawen 4thn agi la..
nuurailmi: FARRED la brader
nuurailmi: sampai ati lu lupe..
nuurailmi: memang nak kna rogol la :D
shiema ali: oooo...fared...nama unik sgt
shiema ali: auwww..jgan...jgn xrogol...hahaha
nuurailmi: menggom la.. pemacam jadi student part3..?
shiema ali: degree ni wa main2 la...xtau cmna nk jadik rajin cm dlu...
nuurailmi: wa x jumpe lu sampai sudah. kalau x wa nak ragging lu sampai jadi rajin cam dulu. haha
nuurailmi: baru2 memang malas. tapi lu kena pk future dan pelaburan wang hutang yg kite kna bayor
shiema ali: saya rela diragging anda
nuurailmi: malangnya wa x jumpe2 pon lu. huuhu
nuurailmi: if x wa nak sekeh2 ngan lutut wa kasi benjol biji mata lu. ahaha
shiema ali: mai la teman wa cuti ni..roomate wa balik..tggal wa sorang je..huhu
nuurailmi: oh.pekate lu mai umah wa..
nuurailmi: umah wa banyak besar..
shiema ali: malu hahaha
nuurailmi: lu malu ka? makan rambut betul la lu neh..
nuurailmi: sejak bile pemalu ni.. ?
shiema ali: pemalu kan sifat semulajadi sy..pemalas tu sifat buatan...hahaha
nuurailmi: sifat buatan orang. haha. semulajadi pekebendenye...? haha
shiema ali: sedey...nasik ayam wa beli basi...
nuurailmi: ololo...beli lain la... lu skg lone ranger ke kat kolej tu?
nuurailmi: tade member2 diploma lu knal ke?
nuurailmi: sian pulak wa pk...
shiema ali: mls nk kuar blik...
shiema ali: ada tp wa mls nk kuar dr bilik ni p jumpa depa
nuurailmi: oo..bilik lu standard suite hotel palace or golden horse ka hapa? :D
shiema ali: atas sket r dari suma tu....wakaka
nuurailmi: giler dah minah ni. haha
shiema ali: ala..xyah nk puji2 ckp wa gilerrr...malu la...auww...
nuurailmi: sah memang lu gila insane. wa suh pengetua kolej col saiketrist. alah, pak brahem tade lak..haha
shiema ali: pengetua melati ni kembar pak brahim tau x? hehehe
shiema ali is typing...
shiema ali: k la...wa nk tido...tatata

shiema ali has signed out. (2/26/2010 3:09 PM)

nuurailmi: tido la hang..
nuurailmi: titi

Apabila kawan lame menyapa atau disapa di ym... saya mula merasakan saya merindukan mereka. Sekian ;)
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